About Us

Dana Smith
Dana Smith, Founder

I grew up on a large almond ranch in the California Central Valley and my parents still live there today. My earliest memories were 2am wake up calls to monitor levies when the water came down the canal to water the trees. You never knew when that water was coming but you had to open the flood gates to irrigate the orchard, and as kids we’d be staked out on all four corners of that ranch making sure they did not break.

Fast forward several years and I spent 15 years in Silicon Valley working as a marketing consultant for some of the best and brightest technology companies. I also co-founded a couple of tech start-ups that were eventually sold. My interest and expertise were always within an “emerging market” and would eventually land me in mobile technology. I started in mobile when it was in its infancy in 2009 and continue to watch with fascination as it has exploded especially in the business to business (B2B) arena.

I knew at some point in my life I would “marry” my three passions, marketing, technology and agriculture into one company and FarmAppetit is that dream realized. So as I launch and target this company to the farming community, I thinks its important to know that I was first a farmer, then a tech geek and marketing guru.

Mobile technology is becoming less expensive and widely accepted as a communication, marketing and sales enablement tool and I predict that virtually every business will have a mobile app as a companion to their website. I know based on industry research, that the mobile platform will continue to explode in growth and become THE standard method for interactive marketing for any business. I know there is not a lot of profit in farming and we do it because it is a passion so I wanted to provide an easy, low cost way of providing a mobile “marketing department” that is state-of-the-art for small farms.

The FarmAppetit team includes designers, account reps and technical support staff and we are here to have fun, do what we love and HELP YOU get your business mobilized! We look forward to doing business with you—thank you!