Grow your business with a mobile platform that delivers marketing programs, engagement features, rich media, information about your products, the ability to chat with customers and make sales through a shopping cart feature in your own branded mobile application.

Food Ordering
Food Ordering
  • Allows customers to order from any smartphone
  • Receipt printer integration available
  • Options for food delivery or pick up
Product Information
Product Information
  • Include product information
  • Educational information
  • Event information

Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart
  • Allow customers to make purchase on the go
  • Payment integration with PayPal and Google Checkout
  • Sync your online shopping cart with ease
  • Include information about your business
  • Add a bio on yourself
  • Information about your products, events and services
Image Gallery
Image Gallery
  • Display photos in an image gallery
  • Images optimized for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Images are high resolution
Dynamic Content
Keep It Fresh!
  • Easily update your app online to keep it “fresh”
  • Include interesting content to keep your customers engaged
  • Add recipes, product promotions and event information
Event Listings
Event Listings
  • List all of your events to keep customers informed on the go
  • Include tours, workshops and educational events
  • Add sales events and promotions too
Mailing List
Mailing List
  • Stay in contact with your customers
  • Capture names and email addresses directly inside your app
  • Use these leads for marketing
Push Notifications
Push Notifications
  • Send text messages to notify your customers
  • Especially effective for sales and promotions
  • Definitely send customers notifications about events
Fan Wall Features
Fan Wall Feature
  • Set up a fan wall function for communication with customers
  • Two-way communication for clients to leave comments or feedback
  • Easily manage the communication online
Fan Wall Features
GPS Directions
  • Put yourself on the map
  • Give your customers GPS directions to your location
  • Especially helpful for clients to find your location for events
Contact Information
Contact Information
  • Give customers multiple ways to contact you
  • Phone, website, email, and directions
  • One click phone calling
  • Let your customers take your business viral
  • Built in sharing capabilities over email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Great way to get referral business
  • Integrate YouTube channel feeds
  • Integrate recorded podcasts
  • Integrate Flickr & Picasa galleries
Blog / News
  • Easily integrate your blog into the app
  • RSS feeds can also be added
  • Share and post news
Promotions | Customer Rewards and Loyalty Programs
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Encourage repeat visits or purchases with GPS “check-in” promos
  • Reward customers with mobile coupons
Integration | Powerful Technology Partners
  • Automatically sync your shopping cart items
  • Automatically sync your food ordering system
  • Automatically sync your mailing list contacts
Analytics | Actionable app insights
  • Understand how many users download and use your app
  • Actionable insights into your app’s activity
  • Track purchases and dollars spent on your products