Increase Sales With a Mobile App – Farmers Take Notice

Picture70With the new year well underway, more retail research studies are coming out pointing to the enormous opportunity in mobile commerce.  The good news is that mobile sales are projected to increase, according to the national Retail Federation, which shows online sales increasing up to 12%. And an increasing number of online sales are coming from mobile devices.

Many retailers seem poised to respond with mobile initiatives. More than half of retailers identify mobile efforts as a top priority, according to a recent survey of retailers by Forrester Research for   And with good reason: smartphone revenue more than doubled from the previous year with more than one in five sales coming from a smartphone or tablet, according to the survey.

That study suggests that merchants need to stand out to attract value-focused shoppers. One way to accomplish this to create a coherent mobile-shopping experience that leverages mobile connectivity throughout the shopping process. This includes reaching consumers and providing value as they shop.

Past studies have shown that in-store shoppers prefer using their smartphone for research rather than dealing with sales associates. The merchants who win will have moved past the why go mobile to engage shoppers via mobile and will be well on the road to experimenting with and deploying the how.

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