Mobile Purchases Continue To Increase

Man-texting-300x199More money continues to move through mobile. Over the next three months, here is what consumers are expected to purchase via mobile with organic and/or natural products at 12% and groceries at 36%. Some interesting mobile facts here – check it out!


Most (68%) consumers already have spent money on an activity via mobile and even more spending is anticipated, based on a new global study by InMobi. The research found that no one category dominates mobile spending:

  • 44% — Digital goods, such as apps and games
  • 30% — Physical goods, such as clothes and electronics
  • 24% — Financial, such as bill payments
  • 21% — Entertainment, such as movie tickets
  • 16% — Travel, such as train tickets

As you might expect, the study also found that mobile phones are being used throughout the day in numerous locations.  Interestingly, more people use their phones in the bathroom than in meetings or class. This is where people use their phones:

  • 83% — Waiting for something
  • 81% — Lying in bed
  • 61% — While watching TV
  • 57% — Commuting
  • 51% — Spending time with family
  • 46% — Social event
  • 43% — Shopping
  • 27% — In the bathroom
  • 25% — On a meeting or class

The study is based on 14 markets balanced by economic tier and geographic location (Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Korea, New Zealand, Nigeria, Malaysia, South Africa, UK, US).  Some overall stats from the study:

  • 68% have spent money on an activity via mobile
  • 61% of mobile Web users are comfortable with mobile advertising
  • 7 apps were actively used within last 30 days
  • 60% of the average global mobile Web users now use mobile as only or primary way of going online
  • 61% of mobile Web users engage in mobile activities while watching TV

One of the key figures in the report is that most (83%) consumers expect to conduct mobile commerce in the next year, a 15% increase from where we are today. Over the next three months, here is what consumers are expected to purchase:

  • 58% — Clothing, shows or jewelry
  • 36% — Groceries
  • 36% — Music, videos, books
  • 33% — Beauty or grooming products
  • 28% — Entertainment activities
  • 20% — Tickets
  • 16% — Exercise and fitness products
  • 12% — Natural or organic products

No matter where it’s going, more money is getting there through mobile.

Reprint: Mobile Shop Talk 

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