Manage Your App

Dana Smith

The biggest benefit of having a mobile app is that it is an interactive communication tool with customers so keeping content fresh is important. FarmAppetit customers have access to an easy-to-use portal so managing your app simple and convenient. Download the How To Manage Your App Guide.

Market Your App

Dana Smith

Once your app is finished and published in the app stores, its time to promote your app to your customers. Your customers will automatically want to have it, but you will want to expand your reach so download the Checklist on page 6 of How to Manage and Market Your App Guide.

Monetize Your App

Dana Smith

Actively using your app to communicate with customers about events, products and sales specials keeps your customers interested and engaged. There are several ways to monetize your app through sales programs offered in the app including food ordering, shopping cart functions and with push notifications – see below:


Food Ordering

  • Allows customers to order from any smartphone
  • Receipt printer integration available
  • Options for food delivery or pick up

Shopping Cart

  • Allow customers to make purchase on the go
  • Payment integration with PayPal and Google Checkout
  • Sync your online shopping cart with ease

Promotions | Customer Rewards and Loyalty Programs

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Encourage repeat visits or purchases with GPS “check-in” promos
  • Reward customers with mobile coupon

Push Notifications

  • Send text messages to notify your customers
  • Especially effective for sales and promotions
  • Definitely send customers notifications about events

Functionality Guides – Screenshots on Most Used Functions:

Build A Marketing Plan – 5 Steps to Get you Started: