How We Started

Farming has been in the family for generations. Starting with my great uncle, who has been farming his entire life. Almost 40 years ago he started his 50 acre walnut farm in Northern California.

My grandfather lived and worked on his 15 acre almond orchard for more than 30 years. Farming fruit, vegetables and nuts, he provided not only food for our family but also supplied almonds to Blue Diamond. This man helped me understand the importance of learning how to care for and nurture a garden.

Farm Appetit started in 2012 with my mother, who had these influences of farming while simultaneously working in marketing and technology for 25 years. She created Farm Appetit to bring exposure to small farms and give them an opportunity to grow and share their businesses with the community.

I stepped in to re-create Farm Appetit as a brand. Not only to help small farms grow in the community through web development but to also promote a vegan lifestyle. As someone who has been a vegan activist for over 7 years, I understand how farming has a large impact on our planet. We can help by encouraging small local farms to get their voices in the community.

My mother has extensive knowledge of marketing and design after working in technology for over 25 years, and even co-owned a business doing app development called Apptology. Coming from a fine art background, I have just begun my journey in the world of design but have successfully created a myriad of websites and currently am working as a plant designer for Artisan Moss.

Farm Appetit is a women and family owned small business catered to helping the growth of small farms. My self and my mother are working together to build applications and websites for local farms in the Sacramento Area, in order to promote a farm to fork way of life. 

“The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.”

Abraham Lincoln